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I am an author, singer and director from Munich.

I love the theatre, but I am also a passionate singer and songwriter. My biggest dream,...


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I am an author, singer and director from Munich. I love the theatre, but I am also a passionate singer and songwriter. I do not want to  define myself by either side, because I believe that both sides benefit each other. Arts in general has so much to offer and I still have so much to discover! 

After receiving a piano scholarship near Munich at the age of 16, I spent 6 months in the music department of Antenne Bayern.

I started my first band project in Bad Tölz and the surrounding area. After a few years I performed as a singer and songwriter in Munich. During the same time, I founded the production company "Worte Spielen Noten e.V." together with the producer Irina Frühwirth. Starting from that moment, I wrote a lot of script adaptions based on well-known children classics such as "the Snow Queen", "Aladdin" or "Sherlock Holmes" together with her. 


In 2015, I received a scholarship at the Performing Arts Studios in Munich and I was intensively trained in singing, dancing and acting - to name a few teachers, I worked together with Daniela Naini, Nunzio Lombardo and Thierry Barre.


Moreover, I got my first job as a stage manager at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz where I worked with Josef E. Köpplinger, Thomas Hermanns and Nicole Claudia Weber.

Finally in February 2020, I will have the great opportunity to work  permanently at this wonderful theatre to fully immerse myself in the profession of directing, learning and growing.

Nevertheless, I will continue to develop my own music - the next months you will accompany me here on this page  along the most exciting and the longest journey of my life: A Cultural Tour through Southeast Asia, Traveling alone with my backpack for four months!