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I am an author, singer and director from Munich.

I love the theatre, but I am also a passionate singer and songwriter. My biggest dream,...


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My first impressions at the airport: big - loud - and a lot of people. My first question: Where can I get a visa? After an entlass way within the airport, I found a big hall where someone gave me all the important documents for the visa. You don't need to organize a visa in advance - you can just get it as "on arrival" directly on the airport. It is valid for the next 28 days. 


Everything went fine without any complications. After I picked my stuff up from the assembly line, I tried to organize a Sim-card for my phone.  For the nexst time: It is cheaper to buy the card in the city, do not buy it at the airport. I payed 700 Baht for 14 days, that means round about 20 Dollars - it would have been more cheap in the city, believe me.  

But who cares? - Let's jump into a taxi to Bangkok! For the first time I see this crazy traffic in real life.   

The wildest cars, big busses without door and a lot of Tuk Tuks and Motorbikes. Everything seems to be chaotic, but some how it works.  

I can't wait to discover this city!